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Photo of Poveda, Donatella

Donatella Poveda

Research Intern, Summer 2023


Hi, I'm Donatella, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with a
focus in sustainable agriculture and food systems. As an intern at CIM2AS, I'm excited to learn
more about conservation and how my identity as a Latina intersects with my pursuit of a STEM
degree. During my internship, I'll be participating in research involving the decline of the
monarch butterfly population, which will help me begin to develop the skills and knowledge
needed to achieve my academic and career goals.
I'm passionate about sustainability and hope to use the knowledge I gain from this experience to
promote sustainable practices within the agricultural industry, as unsustainable farming practices
and human development have devastated local pollinator populations. Specifically, I'm interested
in exploring how we can transmit scientific knowledge through a culturally informed lens.
In my free time, I enjoy painting, drawing, baking, and gardening. These hobbies allow me to
express my creativity and connect with nature, which I find both fulfilling and grounding.